Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chewy Brownies by Shireen Anwar

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Butter                    4 oz
Brown Sugar          4 oz
Eggs                      3
Vanilla                   1 tsp
Cocoa Powder        2 oz
Flour                     3 oz
Baking Powder       1 tsp
Dates                    4 oz
Walnuts                2 oz
Milk                      ½ cup
Sugar                   4 oz
Cooking Sugar       2 oz

Chocolate             4 oz
Cream                 ½ cup
Butter                  2 oz
Icing Sugar          4 oz
Vanilla                 ½ tsp
Cocoa Powder      2 tsp

For Icing:
Cook together and cool, drizzle it on the brownies.

Sieve together cocoa, flour and baking powder. Beat butter and sugar, add eggs. Fold in the flour and essence. Add dates and walnuts, bake for ½ hour at 200 c, cool and ice the brownies. 

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